I’m Moving. What Should I Do First

If you just got a new job, are going away to school, or are looking for a fresh start somewhere else, you’ll soon be moving. Though this can be an exciting time, it is also a stressful one. It’s easy to let the magnitude of this event overwhelm you and make you feel uncertain or lost. There are so many steps in the moving process that it can be difficult to know where to begin.

First-time movers often face the biggest challenges, but relocating can be hard on anyone. With some organization, direction, and planning, your move can go more smoothly. You can enjoy success in this transition when you work hard and focus on each step.

Understanding where to start and how to do it effectively will reduce your anxiety. You can then have peace of mind and feel good about this big change in your life.

Make a List

Hopefully, you will have a few weeks or even months before moving day arrives. If you have less time, it’s especially crucial that you get organized right away. One of the best ways to do this is to compile a checklist of necessary activities. Include each step of the process so you can feel prepared and be sure that you are not forgetting anything.

Make this list right away, as soon as you know you are moving. Write down everything you must do, even if the item seems small and insignificant. With these steps, include a timeline of when you need to complete it. Put these items in order so you can stay on task. Once you complete a step, cross it off the list. This will keep you on the right track and help you feel successful about your accomplishments.

Go Through Your Belongings and Take Inventory

Before you start throwing things in boxes, it’s helpful to know exactly what you have and how much of each item there is. This is a good way to organize and prioritize what you will pack first. Run through your house and take note of different categories of belongings, such as clothing, linens, dishes, books, toys, and so on. Creating an inventory list is a good way to figure out how many boxes you’ll need. It will also guide you in knowing the size of truck you should order.

Get Rid of Things You No Longer Use or Need

As you take inventory of your possessions, set aside those items you can leave behind. There are a few benefits of doing this. First, you can lighten your load, which will reduce your moving costs and minimize the time it will take to pack and fill up the moving truck. You might even be able to sell some of these belongings and make some extra cash. Putting these things up the classifieds or organizing a yard sale are good options.

As you decide which items to set aside, consider a few factors. Determine whether clothes fit or are still in style. Sell or donate books that you haven’t read in years. If your children are older, you can probably part with toys and games.

Hire a Moving Company

Don’t think you have to do all the packing, loading and unloading, and transporting your belongings all by yourself. Professional moving companies have the experience and skill to move you from your current home to your new one. Movers are fast, efficient, and careful with your most precious items. You can benefit from the help of a moving company whether you have a long-distance move ahead of you or you’re moving close by. It also doesn’t matter how large your load will be; it’s handy to have professionals on your side to shoulder the burden and stress of this process.

The faster you start your search for professional movers, the better. Waiting too long puts you at risk of not finding a reliable company in time. Start researching movers in the area as soon as you can. Make some calls and obtain price quotes from several different places.

Check Out Your New Neighborhood

Once you find a new home, learn as much as you can about the area. If possible, visit the town and neighborhood where you’ll be living. Find out which schools your kids will attend. Identify hospitals in the area and how long your commute will be from home to work. You may even have the chance to meet your new neighbors. You can then feel better about these big upcoming changes.

Moving can be difficult physically, emotionally, and financially. One of the best ways to reduce these feelings and challenges is to start preparing early. Follow these steps and begin as soon as you know when you are moving. You can then enjoy greater confidence and peace of mind leading up to and during your move.

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I’m Moving. What Should I Do First

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